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County Rules

Rules & Regulations of Surrey Golf Limited


The Surrey Hard Card, which is available to download below, is for use with Surrey Events only. It will be used for all Surrey Championships and the Rookie Tour (unless otherwise advised). Please use it instead of the Clubs Local Rules.

Surrey Hard Card

Objects of the County

The Surrey Golf is the governing body for men's amateur golf in Surrey. Founded in 1923 the objects of Surrey Golf remain basically unchanged although the number of events and Clubs has increased dramatically over the last 95 years, particularly in the last 20.

a. To further the interests of the game of Golf in Surrey.

b. To assist in maintaining a uniform system of handicapping by acting as the Area Authority for Surrey for the Council of National Golf Unions and to duly operate the CONGU unified Handicapping System as laid down from time to time.

c. To arrange County Championships (Amateur, Senior, Mid-Age, Colts and Junior).

d. To arrange Competitions for Handicap Players.

e. To arrange County Matches.

f. To co-operate with the R & A, through the medium of the England Golf to which it shall be affiliated.

g. To take such action from time to time as the Board may consider desirable for the benefit of its Members.

County Rules

1. Name

The County shall be called “Surrey County Golf Ltd.”, which is a non-profit making organisation limited by guarantee. All surpluses will be used to maintain and improve the County’s facilities and services. No surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body or to affiliated Clubs on the winding up or dissolution of the Company.

2. Membership

Membership is open to golf Clubs, called affiated Clubs, being recognised golf Clubs within the County. Enrolment of Clubs is subject to the approval of the Board of Surrey County Golf Ltd. who shall have the power to elect, subject to the agreement of England Golf.

Any affiliated Club wishing to resign its membership must give notice thereof in writing to the County on or before 30th November in any year, otherwise such Club shall be liable to pay the subscription for the ensuing year.

3. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Company must be held with five months of the end of the Company’s financial year. At least twenty one days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to each affiliated Club, together with an agenda of the business to be transacted, as follows:-

To receive a report from the Chairman.

To receive a report from the President.

To receive the accounts for the preceding year.

To elect a President.

To elect Vice-Presidents.

To elect members of the Board.

To approve a Golf Committee.

To appoint reporting accountants.

To consider any resolution submitted by affiliated Clubs or by the Board.

A copy of the accounts and any resolutions shall be enclosed with he notice convening the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of the intention to move any resolution or make any nominations, except a resolution proposed by the Board, must be received by the County at least twenty one days before the date of the meeting.

4. County Representatives

The voting member and representatives of Surrey County Golf Ltd. on England Golf shall be appointed by the Board.

5. Golf Committee

There shall be a Golf Committee, who shall be responsible for all golfing matters including the organisation of all county championships, tournaments and matches. Affiliated Clubs may nominate a representative to join the Golf Committee, and who may, following election at the Annual General Meeting, hold office for a term of three years from the date of election.

Those retiring after a term may stand for a subsequent term. In addition, representative of affiliated Club may be co-opted to the Committee, subject to the approval of the Board, for a period up to the next Annual General Meeting. The President and County Secretary shall be deemed to be ex-officio members of the Committee.

There shall be maximum of fifteen members (excluding ex-officios) of the Committee, and five members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. The Chairman of the Golf committee shall be appointed by a group consisting of the President, the retiring Golf Committee Chairman, and the County Secretary, and he shall serve a period of up to four years.

6. Subscriptions

Affiliated Clubs shall pay an annual subscription for every male golfing member, at a rate to be decided annually by the Board.

All affiliation fees for both England Golf and Surrey County Golf Ltd. are to be collected by Clubs and passed to those bodies in accordance with the Rules laid down by England Golf from time to time.

Any Club not adhering to these rules shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

7. County Card Scheme

Members of affiliated Clubs may become County Card holders. The Annual Subscription for the County Card is included in the affiliation fee paid by members and conditions of the scheme shall be decided annually by the Board.

8. County Card Events

The County may from time to time arrange events for County Card holders at entry fees decided by the County.

9. Sanctions

The Board of Surrey Golf Ltd. is charged with ensuring that all Rules and Regulations governing Championships and matches are complied with. The Board is authorised to deal with any breach of rule or discipline and to impose sanctions upon any Club, players or person deemed to have breached any rule or discipline.

The County shall duly exercise the disciplinary powers delegated to it under the constitution of England Golf, and will be carried out in accordance with England Golf’s instructions for the procedure and conduct of disciplinary committees.

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