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A Team 2019last updated
A Team Captain’s Telephone Numbers
Andy Inglis 07982 248 753Phil Brittain 07828 018 916
Ben Palmer07500 900 897Mark Scott07779 330 405
Keith Collins07837 918 186 Leyton Hardwickcontact via County office
If you are interested in representing the County 'A' Team for any of the matches below, please copy and paste this link into your browser fill in the form on the link below - or contact the captain directly.
A Team v West Byfleet A Team v West SurreyA Team v The Addington
on 3 Mar  to be rearranged on 16 Maron 24 Mar
Andy Inglis (Capt) Mark Scott (Capt)Mark Scott (Capt)
Phil Brittain Andy InglisJohn Morgan
Kevin Marron John MorganAdam Copeland
Ian Attoe James MolyneuxMike Ducker
Simon Butler Adam Charles CopelandJames Molyneux
Ian Barker Tom CorriganHarry Leadsom
  Chris MatthewsTom Hanley
  Cavan MallonChris Matthews
postponned   A Team won 5 - 3 A Team won 9½ - 2½  
A Team v Farnham A Team v MitchamA Team v Coombe Wood
  18 hole 4BBB18 holes
on 31 Mar on 6 Apron 27 Apr
Keith Collins (Capt) Phil Brittain (Capt)Keith Collins (Capt)
  Michael SmithSteve Harding
  Mark FlittonJohn Morgan
  Steve HardingMichael Smith
  Ben DaviesJames Molyneux
  John SharpTom Everest
  Ben PalmerJacob Aaholm
  Keith CollinsRob Wicks
postponned   A Team lost 1½ - 2½  Draw 2 - 2
 A Team v Betchworth ParkA Team v North Downs 
 on 11 Mayon 19 May 
 Ben Palmer (Capt)Keith Collins (Capt) 
 Cameron LangleyChris Matthews 
 James MolyneuxJohn Morgan 
 Mark ScottCameron Langley 
 Terry NicholsBen Partridge 
 Tom HanleyCraig Hodgson 
 Sam WoodBen Davies 
 John SharpSam Wood 
 Keith Collins  
  A Team won 9 - 5  Draw 4 - 4    
A Team v Tyrrells Wood A Team v Royal Mid-SurreyA Team v Purley Downs
18 hole 4BBB 18 hole 4BBB 
on 13 Jul on 28 Jul  POSTPONEDon 31 Aug
Ben Palmer (Capt) Andy Inglis (Capt)Mark Scott (Capt)
Mark Scott   
John Cassidy   
John Morgan   
Stuart Beatty   
Jamie Cushin   
Calum Rice   
Kevin Morron   
A Team v Sutton GreenA Team v Hindhead A Team v Roehampton
on 8 Sep on 29 Sep on 13 Oct
Ben Palmer (Capt)Ben Palmer & Mark Scott (Capt)
            Mark Scott (co-Capts)  
 A Team v Reigate HeathA Team v Banstead Downs 
 on 26 Octon 3 Nov 
 Mark Scott (Capt)Phil Brittain (Capt) 
A Team v Burhill (New) A Team v The Seniors 
18 hole 4BBB   
on 23 Nov venue and date TBC 
Leyton Hardwick (Capt) Keith Collins (Capt) 
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