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SSGA Championshp at Addington Palace ~ photos


Surrey Schools Golf Association

Championship 2019




Boys’ Individual Scratch


1.  Rhys Williams (Jubilee)

2.  Luke Stock  (Oxted)

3.  Harry Crockett  (Oxted)


Boys’ Individual Net


1. Stirling Halai-Carter  (Riddlesdown)  on countback

2.  Monty Holcombe (Wallington County G.S.)

3. Joshua Gates (Woking H.S.)


Boys’ Team


1.  Oxted

2.  Riddlesdown

3.  Salesian  on countback



Girls’ Individual Scratch


1.Lottie Woad (Weydon)

2.Ava Bates (Tomlinscote)


Girls’ Individual Net


1. Olivia Hunt (Reigate College)

2. Sophie Mardani (Gordon’s)


Girls’ Team


Tomlinscote (Ava Bates and Alex Jakins)



Rhys & Lottie 





Rhys Williams  with      Neil McPherson, Chairman of Addington Palace



Lottie Woad



Olivia Hunt



Stirling Halai-Carter 



 ....and Oxted get the Salver!




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