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U14 beat BB&O and Sussex at Goodwood (Park Course) on June 2

With a slight change to our group, the group consisting of 4 teams rather than the usual 3, Surrey's first league match was against Sussex and BB&O with Hampshire sitting out.


The venue was the Park Course at Goodwood Golf Club which the boys had attended on Saturday 1st June for a practice round under the watchful eye of Ben Clayton. Generally course guides were full of notes and as a group the team had gone through each hole after the practice round.


The day of the match saw the wind pick up and the temperature drop a little from the Saturday. Our first league match saw some familiar faces from Sussex but presented the unknown in BB&O.


The team were briefed, warm ups were scheduled and the match got underway. The front nine saw Surrey in a strong position being up in all but one match to BB&O and up in all but three to Sussex.


The back nine saw some who were behind or level battle hard and some who had been up have their leads overturned. Some matches through 12-13 holes looked in the balance.


In the end Surrey ran out winners against both Sussex and BB&O, however there was only one big win with a 7&6, so the team needs to work hard and play smart to make it out of the group. There were two good halves and a few too many 1 ups to start celebrating.




Surrey beat Sussex 17-7

Surrey beat BB&O 21-3

Sussex beat BB&O 19-5



 Peter Millham U14 Manager




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