Boys Handicap Knockout 2019 ~ closes Friday Nov 16


Please find below the 2019 Boys Handicap KO entry form and the 2019 Surrey Golf health and safety form BOTH of which must be filled in if you wish to be entered into the draw.


Last year about 5 lads missed out,  because of the wrong stamp on the large envelope (or no stamp at all!)


Taking a photocopy of our H&S form once it’s been filled in is always a good idea,  as it is very similar to the RookieTour one and also ‘coincidentally’ several Golf Clubs holding Junior Open events!   If you make a copy,  then your lad can fill out any other Surrey Club requesting a H&S form and just ask you to sign it and the cheque!!   You will not be asked for a copy by Surrey again (ie any County Championship he enters or any County Team he might be asked to play in) once is enough for the whole year.


An email was sent to all last year’s U12 to U18 County Championship entrants and all of last year’s Handicap KO entrants and Participants of the RookieTour –  maximum handicap limit of 18.4  – 



Wishing everyone a most successful and enjoyable 2019 !

fondest regards




      entry form             Health and Safety 2019 






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