U13 retained the shield


The first major silverware for the U13's and an away venue at Slinfold Golf Club. A triple matchplay match against 12 players from Sussex & 12 players from Kent with points simply awarded for the overall match.

Once again holiday season presented us with some selection headaches and some normal regular reliable point winners absent from the line up. However, every cloud has a silver lining and this presented opportunities for others to write their own history and legend.


A Monday match gave the fantastic opportunity for an early tee time and after the team talk was delivered, outside on the patio, the running order was announced and final preparations began. Not having seen the course myself, as none of our boys had, it was clear that you could get in trouble early if you did not use the course guide and think.


3 birdies in 3 holes for the front group set the tone of the opening match and the high standard continued until the 18th.


After 9 holes and a catch up on scores, some matches were in the balance, some we were slightly down in and there were some in which we had some seriously commanding leads. Leads that were let slip in some instances and matches were seen coming up the 18th, much to everyone's surprise.


In the end with everyone finished Surrey retained the shield.


The day was completed with good food, including a fine selection of donuts provided by Leo as it was his birthday. Speeches from all of the respective captains were delivered, the shield was represented to Aidan Millham, photos were taken and we began our journeys home.


Peter Millham

U13 Team Manager











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