U12 beat Essex at Reigate Hill

Another U12's match and thankfully a return of the sunshine. A 4 ball better ball match against 16 players from Essex with points available on the front nine, back nine and for the overall match.



With holiday season upon us the team gave debuts to three new boys; Harry Garnett, Charles Beeson & Lewis Dimayuga (the third Dimayuga to represent Surrey)


Having so many players to pick from is great and we have now played in the region of 21-23 different U12's this year.

The team talk was delivered, in the clubhouse, out of the sun and the pairings were announced. Our hosts Reigate offered up a selection of chips and sandwiches before the match, warm ups were staggered as best we could with eager junior golfers and the match got underway.


The standard of golf was very high along with some great pairs play we also saw some fantastic communication between the opposing counties and good spirit all round.


After 9 holes two matches were halved, some were close victories and we also saw a couple of big leads. Surrey then hung on to turn those two halves in to wins and only lose one back nine match, once again halving another two.


The sunshine had been relentless and completed matches saw players gather in the shade to watch the remaining team mates finish off.


The day was completed with burger and chips and speeches from all of the respective captains before beginning our journeys home.



kind regards

Petrr Millham

U13 Team Manager 






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