London Amateur Foursomes at Moor Park GC ~ 12-14 October entry form


London Amateur Foursomes at Moor Park

Scratch Mens' foursomes competition played on a match play basis each round consisting of 18 holes. 

The Tournament is open to recognised Golf Clubs within a 40 mile radius of Charing Cross



   entry form      map showing 40 mile radius  (as best I can anyway!)



We are asking that Clubs only submit ONE team and if I get to 'use' all the 'A' Team reserves (that sounds bad, doesn't it, but you know what I mean!)  I will then send out a mail to all those who have circled the "YES second team" and ask that you send the same entry form back to me again,  with the 'B' Team names and another cheque for £78.  Please do not send a cheque for £156 at this time.


                             Kind regards from Surrey County HQ 















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