Colts Team lost first round to Kent

Colts League starts with a home loss to Kent The Colts League is run by EGU SE Group and the region is spilt into 3 sections and in our group we have Kent and Hampshire.


We play each County home and away and our first match for this year was at Farleigh where we hosted Kent.

Farleigh was in great condition and the greens were running true but the rough was very thick. The ground was hard and we played in windy conditions so it was a tough test of golf for both teams.


In the morning foursomes we were outplayed and lost 3-1.


We can back in the afternoon but Kent had a very strong team and we lost the singles 5-3.

So the overall result was a loss of 7.5 to Kent against 4.5 to Surrey.


Not what we expected but we have to accept the result and move on.

The team was Captained by BIll Whiteman and the other players were Harry Plowman-Ollington, Harvey Byers,

Alfie Fox, Cam Bell, Sam Barthram, Obe Ayton and Joe Carmody-Firth.


Alan Page

Colts Manager





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