U12 beat Sussex and Hampshire 29½ - 2½


The first U12's match of the year was upon us. A 4 ball better ball match against 8 players from Sussex & 8 from Hampshire with points available on the front nine, back nine and for the overall match.


After weeks of going back and forward the team was selected and ready for battle at Singing Sings GC (not quite Hastings,  but near enough to Brighton) on May 6th.


Surrey are very fortunate and could actually put out two teams, it could arguably be the hardest squad to get in to due to the number of players we have.


A unusual team talk was delivered, unusual because we had to warn players to put on sun tan cream and reapply it at regular intervals and to stay hydrated due to the amazing weather we had.


Our hosts Sussex got the match underway on a course by their own admission that was not in the greatest condition, however it was akin to Quail Hollow compared to the players experience at Merrist Wood.


With birdies flying in all over the place the matches were well and truly underway. Surrey gave debuts to 10 players and they settled down early demonstrating some good golf. It was nice to see players from all three counties chatting away and appreciating each others golf, smiling away in the sunshine.


After 9 holes our front 3 groups showed a commanding lead but we were halving 3 of the remaining 5 matches with slender leads in the other two. Surrey dug deep, the first group dispensed of their opponents early to get off the course and in to some shade. The other groups demonstrated great character for Surrey to run out in winners of every match overall and only lose one back 9 in a single group.


It had been a lovely day but I believe most of the groups were glad to finish off and get some well deserved chilled refreshments.


We all then sat down for a nice meal, a speech from all of the respective captains before beginning our journeys home.


Kind regards

Peter Millham

U12 Team Manager 

















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