A Team v Mitcham was a great tussle!

Surrey ‘A’ win again - this time at Mitcham


It was decided that this years tussle between Surrey ‘A’ and Mitcham Golf Club would be a 6 a side 4 ball better ball match.


Kevin Simpson, the Mitcham captain, assembled a strong team, arranged a favourable tee time in front of the roll up (thanks guys!) and sorted out out some good weather as well!


Phil Brittain, the Surrey ‘A’ captain knew that he would have his work cut out securing the win against a club that have already secured three shields from past victories over Surrey ‘A’. He had a sleepless night worrying over the pairings and the order of play. With only three points to play for, there was very little margin for error!!


Mark Scott and Kevin Lee were sent out in the lead match. Kevin was kind enough to let Mark (more than twice his age) out drive him down the first. Mark captured the moment on his mobile phone in case nobody believed him!



Between them they acquired 5 birdies and closed out their match against the formidable Ian ‘Seve’ Seymour and Terry Brown on the seventeenth.


Ben Palmer was asked to chaperone Keith Collins for the morning. The new captain/old captain pairing did brilliantly in a tricky match against Reiss Turrell and Sam Turner and secured a 4 and 3 victory.


Phil Brittain put himself out in the anchor match with Graham Letts. Their combined age was well over 100, way more than the father and son pairing of Kevin and Charlie Simpson they were up against. The home team raced to a 3 up lead after 8. The surrey pairing were not rolling over easily though - and with just a little bit of luck on their side managed to secure a hard fought half on the 18th.


The troops were entertained afterwards with ham, egg and chips, San Miguel and all the stories of the matches. Phil Brittain was happy to walk away without having to part with a shield - one that he wouldn’t have been able to flaunt in his speech if it hadn’t been delivered in the morning by Steve McNeill who had turned up to send us on our way. Many thanks Steve!


Thanks also to Kevin and the staff and members of Mitcham Golf Club for the wonderful hospitality. We very much look forward to returning next year.

Phil Brittain

A Team Captain 





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