London Amateur Foursomes ~ Moor Park Oct 13-15 Draw sheet & Reserve List

London Amateur Foursomes

13 - 15 October

Moor Park


  Draw sheet   2 pages      please refresh the page every time you visit!



  A Teams       names and times



  B Teams       reserve list



  Front Page    practice round notes & reserve list                               Back Page   past winners history





open to all Clubs within a 40 mile radius of Charing Cross

closes Sept 8


   entry form    please scan it to the email                                           radius map

                               on the form before consigning it to the post



 Please do remember to circle (or not!),  the request for one team or two,  but send no money for the second team

                                                                until a confirmed match number has been given and accepted !


Wishing all the Clubs the very best of luck chasing after this most impressive of Shields! 



late year's winners Stoke Park 












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