Surrey County Academy Programme (CAP)  coaching information


The County Academy Programme is not designed to replace or conflict with the players existing home coaching – but rather support these existing relationships, adding further value and opportunity to aid their development.


Being selected to take part in the Programme does not automatically guarantee that your child will be involved the following year. Each year a review takes place by the coaches and team managers and based on criteria such as age, handicap, dedication, attendance and numbers involved may or may not result in your child being invited to the next stage. If for any reason they are not invited to take part, this does not mean they would no longer have the chance to be involved at a later stage.


Our Mission

To develop and sustain the best County Academy Programme in England and to encourage and support our participants to recognise their potential and increase their enjoyment of the game and support them on their golf journey.


If you have any questions or would like to get your son and/or daughter involved,

     please email  Caroline Hardy-Evans





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