updated Surrey Seniors' Salver Inter Club Knockout 2019
11-Nov Please e-mail your results to Jane@surreygolf.org      stating     Salver ~ and your Club's name   - THANK YOU!
            ~ THANK YOU
**** First Round Losers of the SENIORS KO (not those with byes to 2nd round)
 will automatically be placed in this Salver KO first thing on Monday May 13
Please e-mail your results to    Jane@surreygolf.org    stating    Salver ~ your Club
Play week 17-21 June Play week 22-26 July Play week 19-23 Aug Play week 16-20 Sep Play week 7-11 Oct Final 2019
Bottom Team is home Top team is home Bottom Team is home Top is home Top team is home at Hankley Common 
  play earlier if venue will switch 
    both teams can and want to! with the Seniors KO
      if the HOST Club
      is in the final
        Thursday Oct 17
        first tee at 14:00
    Smart Casual for
      sandwiches, chips
        cake AND a beer!
      congratulations !