last updated Surrey Mixed Foursomes Knockout 2019  ~ The Thornhill Trophy
07-May Please e-mail your results to        stating   ' Mixed ~ your Club + letter as it appears in the draw ' 
***Qualifiers Play by April 15 Semi Finals Mixed Foursomes Final
Play by Monday May 6th Play by Jun 16 Play by Jul 14 Play by Aug 11 Play by Sep 8 Final 2019 
Top Team is home Bottom Team is Home Top Team is home Bottom Team is Home Top Team is home
Puttenham C Puttenham C
Purley Downs J Purley Downs J   Ian Mitchell (Clandon Regis)
Clandon Regis D    
Farnham C West Byfleet C    
West Byfleet C      
Burhill C Burhill C  
Clandon Regis C    
Royal Mid-Surrey E Royal Mid-Surrey E    
Surbiton C        
Cranleigh D Chobham C      
Chobham C    
Surrey Downs D Surrey Downs D    
Foxhills C   Braeside E   
Addington Palace C Braeside E   w/o  
Braeside E  
Purley Downs C Purley Downs C  
Walton Heath C      
Tyrrells Wood D Tyrrells Wood D    
Royal Mid-Surrey F      
Dulwich & Sydenham C Mitcham C      
Mitcham C        
Purley Downs H Sunbury C    
Sunbury C    
Royal Wimbledon C Hindhead D   w/o  
Hindhead D      
Braeside C Clandon Regis F    
Clandon Regis F  
Camberley Heath D Camberley Heath D  
Braeside F   West Surrey C  
West Surrey C West Surrey C  
Wimbledon Common D  
Croham Hurst C Reigate Heath C  
Reigate Heath C      
Camberley Heath C Camberley Heath C  
Royal Wimbledon D    
Guildford C Purley Downs K    
Purley Downs K      
Hindhead C Hindhead C  
Tyrrells Wood C    
Hoebridge C Hoebridge C    
Purley Downs i        
Roehampton C Horne Park C      
Horne Park C    
Wimbledon Common C Hampton Crt Palace C    
Hampton Crt Palace C      
Braeside G Braeside G  
Cranleigh C  
Royal Mid-Surrey D Royal Mid-Surrey D  
Purley Downs G      
Chobham D Braeside D    
Braeside D      
Purley Downs D Purley Downs D      
Farnham D        
Clandon Regis E Clandon Regis E    
Addington Palace D    
Surrey Downs C Royal Mid-Surrey C  
Royal Mid-Surrey C   Purley Downs E  
Purley Downs E Purley Downs E    
Cranleigh E  
Walton Heath D Walton Heath D  
Wimbledon Park C    
Purley Downs F Purley Downs F
        *** Qualifiers Play By April 15
  Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifier 3 Qualifier 4 Qualifier 5
  Qualifier 6 Qualifer 7 Qualifier 8 Qualifier 9 Qualifier 10