updated Surrey Junior Boys SCRATCH Knockout 2019 - 2020
05-Sep Please e-mail your results to        Jane@surreygolf.org  
stating       Boys SCR KO ~ your name on the Subject line    - THANK YOU !
NB: There is no courtesy away shot for this tournament.          Failure to play by the given date will result in Both Boys being Disqualified
PLEASE NOTE  that we now need your score along with who you beat,  when you send your results through to the office ~ thanks!
Play by  Sept 8 Play by Nov 3 Play by Jan 5 Semi Final Final
Top  Player is home Bottom Player is home Top  Player is home between during the
(NB the clocks go BACK Oct 27) January 19 to February 23 Easter Break
Haq,Babar (Royal Wimbledon) Bottom Player is home
  Jacobs,Fergus (Roehampton) 7&6
Jacobs,Fergus (Roehampton)  
Dimayuga,Edward (Walton Heath)    
  Pritchard,Jamie (Burhill) 5&4  
Pritchard,Jamie (Burhill)  
Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)    
  Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath) 3&2    
de Villiers,Thomas (Guildford)      
Hawke,Matthew (Burhill)    
  Hawke,Matthew (Burhill) 3&2  
Muir,Robert (Royal Wimbledon)  
Woolhouse,Henry (St. George's Hill)  
  Dean,Harry (Sunbury) 2&1  
Dean,Harry (Sunbury)    
Goodrich,Ben (Wentworth)      
  Goodrich,Ben (Wentworth) 2up    
Moeller-Schwartz,Jonathan (Wim Park)    
Millham,Aidan (Windlesham)  
  Gambel,Austin (Cuddington) 6&4  
Gambel,Austin (Cuddington)      
Slijepcevic,Skye (Royal Wimbledon)  
  Slijepcevic,Skye (Royal Wimbledon) 2&1  
Silcock,Joseph (Windlesham)  
O'Callaghan,Buster (Walton Heath)  
  O'Callaghan,Buster (Walton Heath)
Brew,Benjamin (Surbiton)  
Cridge,Cameron (Addington Palace)    
  Taviansky,Daniel (Windlesham) 2up  
Taviansky,Daniel (Windlesham)  
Daly,Henry (Wentworth)    
  Daly,Henry (Wentworth) 3&2    
Newton,Joshua (Reigate Hill)      
Woodham,Nathan (Windlesham)    
  Hawke,Thomas (Burhill) 1up  
Hawke,Thomas (Burhill)  
Dimosi,Kezaia (West Byfleet)  
  Yates,Harley (Burhill) 5&3  
Yates,Harley (Burhill)    
Wren,Oliver (Addington Palace)      
  Holcombe,Monty (Walton Heath) 1up    
Holcombe,Monty (Walton Heath)    
Knowles,Luca (Wentworth)  
  Knowles,Luca (Wentworth) 2up  
Slijepcevic,Axel (Royal Wimbledon)    
Woodham,Sam (Windlesham)  
  Partridge,Ben (Epsom) 2&1
Partridge,Ben (Epsom) BOYS SCR