updated Surrey Junior Boys Handicap Knockout 2019      Blue Division BLUE = 10-18.5
19-Aug Please e-mail your results to        Jane@surreygolf.org  
stating       Boys BLUE KO ~ your name    - THANK YOU !
***Your first match must be played during the Christmas holidays - as no extensions will be granted after January 6.  Both Lads would be D/Q'd if their match is not played
Play by Jan 6 Play by Mar 3 Play by MONDAY Apr 22 Play by Jun 2 Play by Aug 4 Final
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Sunday 18 August
de Villiers,Thomas (Guildford) de Villiers,Thomas (Guildford) tee off at 3pm
bye   Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath)
Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath) Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath)   please be on
bye   Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath) the tee at 14:50hrs
Millham,Ethan (Windlesham) Millham,Ethan (Windlesham)    
bye   Millham,Ethan (Windlesham)   sandwiches &
Nelson,Dominic (Richmond) Nelson,Dominic (Richmond)   cake after play
bye Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath)
Page,Rocco (Wentworth) Page,Rocco (Wentworth)  
bye   Noble,Rowan (Effingham)    
Noble,Rowan (Effingham) Noble,Rowan (Effingham)   Noble,Rowan (Effingham)  
Patel,Nyal (Purley Downs) Patel,Nyal (Purley Downs)    
bye   Patel,Nyal (Purley Downs)  
Skevington,Thomas (Farnham) Skevington,Thomas (Farnham)  
bye Rudkin,Oli (Camberley Heath)
Fear,Reggie (Wentworth) Fox,Owen (Sunbury)  
Fox,Owen (Sunbury)   Fox,Owen (Sunbury)  
Brindley,Michael (Camberley Heath) (Martinez) McWilliam,Alex (Epsom)   w/o    
Martinez,Alex (Epsom)   Fox,Owen (Sunbury)  
Gannon,Fredrik (Cuddington) Boucher,Thierry (Horton Park)      
Boucher,Thierry (Horton Park)   Goswamy,Om (Royal Automobile)    
Goswamy,Om (Royal Automobile) Goswamy,Om (Royal Automobile)    
Garnett,Jack (Bramley) Beeson,Charles (R Wimblendon)
Gould,Joseph (Foxhills) Mead,James (Burhill)  
Mead,James (Burhill)   Beeson,Charles (Royal Wimblendon)  
Fry,Josh (Walton Heath) Beeson,Charles (now Royal Wimblendon)    
Beeson,Charles (Cuddington) Beeson,Charles (R Wimblendon)
Gandy,Alex (West Byfleet) Gandy,Alex (West Byfleet)  
Pring,Charlie (Burhill)   Gandy,Alex (West Byfleet)
Campanale,Massimo (Foxhills) Campanale,Massimo (Foxhills)  
Reid,Max (Windlesham) Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)
Fernandes,Cody (Foxhills) Jones,Luke (Cuddington) Blue Divison Winner
Jones,Luke (Cuddington)   Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)
Silvester,Jake (Hankley Common) Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)   congratulations !
Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)   Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)
Sarwar,Yusuf (Royal Wimbledon) Davies,Joshua (Cranleigh)    
Davies,Joshua (Cranleigh)   Prince,Daniel (Wentworth)  
Prince,Daniel (Wentworth) Prince,Daniel (Wentworth)  
Taylor,Evan (Foxhills) Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)
Garnett,Harry (Bramley) Bellamy,Josh (Coombe Wood)    
Bellamy,Josh (Coombe Wood)   Allen,Guy (Foxhills)    
Colohan,Liam (Kingswood) Allen,Guy (Foxhills)      
Allen,Guy (Foxhills) Saunders,Max (Walton Heath)  
McLoughlin,George (Betchworth Pk) Pirini,Charlie (West Byfleet)    
Pirini,Charlie (West Byfleet)   Saunders,Max (Walton Heath)  
Saunders,Max (Walton Heath) Saunders,Max (Walton Heath)  
bye Lent,Oscar (Walton Heath)
Dyke,William (Cuddington) Dyke,William (Cuddington)  
bye   Smithson,Calum (Reigate Hill)  
Smithson,Calum (Redhill & Reigate) Smithson,Calum (Redhill & Reigate)    
bye   Bould,James (Burhill)  
Botton,Jamie (Falconwood) Botton,Jamie (Falconwood)      
bye   Bould,James (Burhill)    
Bould,James (Burhill) Bould,James (Burhill)    
bye Bould,James (Burhill)
Minter,Findlay (Redhill & Reigate) Minter,Finlay (Reigate Hill)  
bye   Minter,Finlay (Reigate Hill)  
Murdoch,Jamie (Hoebridge) Murdoch,Jamie (Hoebridge)    
bye Halai-Carter,Stirling (Addington (The))
Platt,Stanley (Farnham) Platt,Stanley (Farnham)  
bye   Halai-Carter,Stirling (Addington (The))
Halai-Carter,Stirling (Addington (The)) Halai-Carter,Stirling (Addington (The))
bye BLUE