last updated Surrey County Golf - Surrey Fives - 2020 - WEST Section
01-Dec Please e-mail your results to     stating      5s west ~ Your Club's Name and A or B plus  -  THANK YOU
***Qualifiers Play by March 8
Play by Apr 5 Play by Play by May 31 Play be Jun 28 Play by Jul 26 5s West Section Final
Top Team is home MONDAY May 4 Top Team is home Bottom Team is home Top Team is home
  Bottom Team is home  the WEST SECTION Final
    at Silvermere
      Sunday August 16
      first tee at 12:10
        Smart Casual
        Jacket & Ties NOT required
      sandwiches & cake
    (and a beer!) after play
      West Section winners
    and then the Grand Finale
      The East v The West 
      at Horton Park
      Sunday September 6
        first tee 12:00
  5s WEST
***Qualifiers Play by March 8 Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifier 3 Qualifier 4  
  Qualifier 5 Qualifier 6 Qualifier 7 Qualifier 8