last updated Surrey County Golf - Surrey Fives - 2020 - WEST Section
01-Dec Please e-mail your results to     stating      5s west ~ Your Club's Name and A or B plus  -  THANK YOU
***Qualifiers Play by March 8
Play by Apr 5 Play by Play by May 31 Play be Jun 28 Play by Jul 26 5s West Section Final
Top Team is home MONDAY May 4 Top Team is home Bottom Team is home Top Team is home
NB 22 March is Mother's Day Bottom Team is home  the WEST SECTION Final
    at Silvermere
      Sunday August 16
      first tee at 12:10
        Smart Casual
        Jacket & Ties NOT required
      sandwiches & cake
    (and a beer!) after play
      West Section winners
    and then the Grand Finale
      The East v The West 
      at Horton Park
      Sunday September 6
        first tee 12:00
  5s WEST
***Qualifiers Play by March 8 Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifier 3 Qualifier 4  
  Qualifier 5 Qualifier 6 Qualifier 7 Qualifier 8