last updated Surrey County Golf - Surrey Fives - 2019 - WEST Section
19-Mar Please e-mail your results to     stating      5s west ~ Your Club's Name and A or B  -  THANK YOU
***Qualifiers Play by March 17
Play by April 14 Play by May 19 Play by Jun 23 Play be Jul 21 Play by Aug 18 5s West Section Final
Top Team is home Bottom Team is home Top Team is home Bottom Team is home Top Team is home
   the WEST SECTION Final
Cranleigh A   at Clandon Regis
Farnham A     Sat 14 September
Sandown Park A Hampton Crt Palace A   first tee at 11:45
Hampton Crt Palace A    
New Zealand Artisans A       Smart Casual
Royal Mid-Surrey A       Jacket & Ties NOT
Hersham A     sandwiches & cake
Merrist Wood A   (and a beer!) after play
Camberley Heath A Clandon Regis A  
Clandon Regis A      
Hankley Common A        
Guildford A      
Betchworth Park A      
Drift (The) A      
Sutton Green A    
Effingham A  
Chobham A West Byfleet A  
West Byfleet A      
Burhill A      
Pyrford A      
Foxhills A        
Thames Ditton A          
Bramley A      
RMS Artisans A  
Puttenham A Puttenham A  
Milford A      
Hindhead A      
Hook Heath Artisans A  
RAC  A    
Worplesdon A    
St. George's Hill A    
Hoebridge A West Section winners
West Hill A  
Twisted Stone A    
Silvermere A     and then the Grand Finale
Windlesham A     The East v The West 
West Surrey B Sutton Green B     Sunday Sept 22
Sutton Green B       Burhill (New Course)
Sunbury B Sunbury B   first tee 13:00
West Byfleet B  
RMS Artisans B    
St. George's Hill B        
Clandon Regis B        
Royal Mid-Surrey B    
Farnham B      
RAC  B      
Pyrford B Pyrford B   w/o  
Hankley Common B  
Camberley Heath B    
Hoebridge B      
Merrist Wood B Merrist Wood B    
Betchworth Park B      
Effingham B        
Cranleigh B        
Guildford B      
Puttenham B    
Windlesham B    
Leatherhead B      
Bramley B      
Silvermere B  
Foxhills B    
Drift (The) B    
Hersham B  
Burhill B 5s WEST
***Qualifiers Play by March 17 Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifier 3    
Home West Surrey A Leatherhead A New Zealand Artisans A WON    
Away Cranleigh A   WON Sandown Park A   WON Sunbury A    
  Qualifier 4 Qualifier 5 Qualifier 6 Qualifier 7
Home Chobham B Bramley B   WON Foxhills B   WON Hampton Crt Palace B
Away Windlesham B Milford B Thames Ditton B Hersham B   WON