The Corporate partner programme is available for Surrey companies to help golf development and advertise their products and services through the Union web site and Yearbook to Surrey Clubs and their members.

We currently have a number of International major companies providing the County with help and support. These include Nike, Toyota and Powerbar.

We are flexible in our approach to Corporate Partner agreements, each agreement being individually designed to ensure it meets the objectives of the partner and is of mutual benefit.

The County have access to around 60,000 golfers in Surrey who are members of Surrey Golf Clubs. We can also reach members of other counties’ Clubs through our activities with the English Golf Union and close co-operation with other Counties. The Individual Membership Scheme (IMS) also affords us a further, growing membership database.

Promotion of the partners may be achieved through team sponsorship as we have First, Colts, juniors and Seniors County Teams. Surrey is very fortunate to have such a wealth of talent initially developed by the individual Clubs and further developed by the County Union. It can also be achieved by supporting Annual Matches, Championships and Competitions of which there are in excess of 300 each year, and the County Year book and Website.

If you are interested in learning more about the Surrey County Golf Union Corporate Partner programme please contact the County Secretary, John Davies

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